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Abstraction – Gagik Manoukian

1 300.00
Painting size without frame: 117х87 cm Picture size with frame: 135х105 cm

Aglaja, 1 pc

Aglája is drawn with special pens for line drawing, zentagle technique. I drew this painting for 160 hours. The painting has won several awards.

Autumn pond – Gagik Manoukian

1 100.00
Painting size without frame: 97х87 cm Picture size with frame: 115х105 cm

Didier Le Mar, 1 pc

Works by Didier Le Mar are exclusive, distinctive and original art objects such as paintings, sculptures, photographs and digital art, which follow the tradition of studios or guilds of arts and crafts. Didier Le Mar is an artist who emphasizes the balance of ideas in his work and uses noble natural materials and exceptionally high-quality pigments in the absence of cheap low-quality substances. These artistic objects are so unique that you usually won't find them in regular galleries, but only online when ordering from Didier Le Mar. The works are not intended for the mass consumer, but for customers with a specific and refined taste.

Loneliness – Gagik Manoukian

Painting size without frame: 39х49 cm Picture size with frame: 43х53 cm