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Anaca3 + Fats Burners 120 Capsules is a food supplement in form of capsules, based of plants, zinc, caffeine and turmeric.


Anaca3 + Weight Loss 120 Capsules is a food supplement in form of capsules, based on plants, turmeric and minerals.

100% BIO Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 300g, 1500

100% BIO Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 100% pure single-cell freshwater algae from organic farming in Taiwan.

100% bioactive marine collagen

Collaloc is high quality, effective and pure marine collagen. It is bioactive - that is, it is well absorbed. Thanks to its properties, your body treats it almost as if it had made it itself and will use it exactly where it is needed.

100% BOIS BANDÉ, 200 ML

Nutri Expert 100% Bois Bandé 200 ml is a food supplement with Muira puama extracts (bois bandé) which has a stimulatating action and improves physical and mental resistance.

100% L-ascorbic acid, 20 g

Vitamin C is one of the most studied cosmetic ingredients and is very important for skin care.

100% Magnesium Chelate – magnesium chelate, 420 g

100% magnesium chelate contains magnesium in the form of highly usable magnesium bisglycinate. This form represents minerals in so-called chelated bonds. The advantage of these minerals in these bonds is that they are electrically neutral and better get unchanged to their destination in the body.

11 Vitamins, 150ml

Children's bodies need substances such as vitamins to function properly : they help keep shape and tone. In some cases, the daily requirement of vitamins is not provided in sufficient quantity by food. It is for this reason that URGO Laboratories have formulated ALVITYL Syrup, the Vitamin content of which allows the body to meet its needs.

17.5 ° Organic Swedish Elixir, 200ml

The Organic Swedish Elixir from the Dr Theiss group is a maceration of ORGANIC plants in alcohol. From "Maria's herb garden", the Elixir of the Swedish Dr. Theis was developed in full respect of the original recipe of Maria Treben and the writings dating from the 17th century.